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Interior Design for Living Rooms

Living Room Design on Naxos, Paros, Santorini & Mykonos

A living room is the liveliest room in a home. For a family this is a home time together place where people spend most of their time. The design of the room depends on one’s own personal taste and style. We believe this is a golden age on the couch and our design goal is to create a living room that is close to the nature but is comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

We all crave the cozy comfort a living room offers. If coastal style is your thing than Cycladic materials and architecture construction techniques stands out beautifully with contemporary amenities. Textural walls and contemporary furniture balances out each other perfectly. Add stone texture to create a statement decorative piece or an accent piece like a fireplace.

Nature inspired high end materials and efficient planning can turn your living room into a sanctuary to lounge in. Your favorite couch and furniture is a basic must have everyone wants in their living rooms but it’s the designer who will design the space that totally reflects your true style statement keeping you excited for a house day in and day out. Arrangement of the furniture around a focal point to add interest. To make the living room airy, avoid heavy and bulky furniture. Rule of thumb is to create an intimate space by placing furniture away from walls.

Bring in the rocky textured walls inspired by the islands of Mykonos with blue as an accent color in furnishings like cushions and upholstery to envision the blue sea. Add a stylish wicker chair to break monotony and add up a casual beach flair.

For color schemes, a sandy color palette with blue accents is a perfect way to celebrate beach culture. If you are using blue and white as base colors, incorporate textures in brown color to add interest and excitement. Let sunlight swoop in to enhance simple clean designs and interesting patterns. We suggest to connect the indoors with open, airy fresh outdoors. For afternoons will be magical, play with interesting flooring patterns and designs with plain Cycladic plasticity walls.  Get in touch with Cycladic Plasticity