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Interior Design for Bathroom / Spa

Bathroom Design and Construction on Naxos, Paros, Santorini & Mykonos

Escape from the chaos of daily routine by indulging in better-self-care and physical wellbeing. This becomes a complete entertainment if the spa is aesthetically pleasing, live able and more functional. A well designed functional spa and bathroom is a work of art and science combined.

One can dream of a perfect Sauna, steam room or whirl pool. But only a person with the touch of an artistic flair, will put your dream design together with smart and efficient design rules. A bathroom cannot be designed only by shopping for fabulous faucets, key elements, cabinets and hardware. When we dream and think we always put the design first but a designer will put the layout first and then design according to your choice.

From carefully planning the floor plan to various activities and storage solutions. Every aspect is as important to craft a functional yet comfortable bath and spa area. Check our spa and bathroom designs to see which one fits your home, meet your needs and fulfil your dreams.

If elegant, classic, clean and airy space is what you want then we suggest to add an excellent Grecian design touch that has the power to deliver a classic look to even the most modern spa designs. Bring Cycladic Island indoors by using stone from Naxos, wood from Paros, bamboo from Santorini and waterfalls. Mosaic backsplashes, nonconcrete floors and stylish hardware, is another modern design possibility.

Our design staple is a beautiful exposed stone wall backsplash which gives character to the overall design that you will enjoy for years. Stone mosaic walls, floors and backsplashes is a perfect option where calming energy is needed.

Textured stone walls adds up huge amount of visual texture to any space. The rugged and sturdy texture of walls can blend in so well with polished wooden vanities or laminated floors and creates a perfect balanced aesthetics.

Combine marble sink over cobble stone vanity or counter tops with ambient lighting to bring out glamour. White walls with light wood vanities and mixing soft and warm-toned colors can make spa and bathroom exude elegance. White, beige and even gold, the deep color gives a relaxing aura and the divine curvature to the shower area.

Discover the best materials from Greece

Cycladic materials is an excellent choice for modern and airy bathroom and spa designs and works well when juxtapose with natural materials and contrasting colors. From stamped, inlay, textured finishes and dozens of patterns and colors to choose, the options to create an incredible space are endless.

Designing a bathroom or spa is a challenging experience and can be achieved by following simple tips to make the design comfortable. Makeup lights around vanity mirrors, more towel bars, plenty of storage and lighted extendable magnifying mirror is a luxury in itself.

Cycladic designs, bears a timeless luxurious appeal. We here, will help you design a gorgeous contemporary bathroom space, inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the Cycladic islands. Get in touch with Cycladic Plasticity