Interior Design for Kitchens

Kitchen Design on Naxos, Paros, Santorini & Mykonos

A most utilized space that revolves daily routine around it, a kitchen is considered as the heart of the house. Whether it’s a traditional one or an open plan kitchen, efficient design techniques are applied in small scales like choosing backsplashes, counter tops and appliances. An open plan kitchen with dining area serves as the most cherished zone in the house for carrying both cooking and dining activities.

Designing a kitchen inspired by Cycladic islands that’s both stylish and functional is a huge task. We focus on creating designs that is inspired by natural materials and are comfortable and practical.

White is usually the predominant color in the coastal-style homes. The plasticity of the walls and circular niches blends so well with everything especially with polished wooden accents which is a fun way to lift up the overall design of kitchen. Add up contrasting blue, grey or beige color to white plain or textured walls and ceilings. Sandy pallets and wicker baskets against white walls can take you back to the Grecian times.

The stylish look of stone finish can make any space versatile. Crisp white walls, circular niches, wood panel ceilings and stone accent details with stylish light fixtures are all our staple design elements. Marble floors and patterned tiles will balance the design and add interest. Stone backsplashes with beautiful design flooring is a modern coastal-style kitchen design possibility. Add plasticity finish counter tops with creative ambient lighting to exude elegance.

Our main goal is to create cozy and fun vibe that gives the luxury of entertaining, dining and cooking without neglecting the functionality of the kitchen. Get in touch with Cycladic Plasticity